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"Rewind Worthy Radio"

The RVA Boombox, online radio platform is the "go to" source for a raw selection of Hip-Hop,

Jungle & Reggae Dub-Plates!  Providing a 24/7 mix of music, live scheduled programming

music artist interviews, featured DJ sets and much more!


For DJ's, up-n-coming artist, podcasters and radio host/personalities interested in securing

a spot within our 24/7 broadcast program, please contact us at thervaboombox@gmail.com.

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Meet the Team

ill-bellicose Headshot .jpg

Brandon White

aka "ill-bellicose"


"Bullets ain't racial kid, they only hate you"

-Kool G Rap


Marcus Oliver

aka "Mo' Money"

Executive Program Director

"Reality is wrong, dreams are real"

-Tupac Shakur

Daryll Hackett

aka "Hack"

Radio Personality

"The main focus is to remain focused"

-Lil' Wayne

Justin Oliver

aka "Cool Mix J"

Chief of A&R

"Last will be first and the first will kiss his ass, I believe in God and not a genie in a glass"

-Nino Brown